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Our Mission is to deliver the highest quality benefit programs and coverage stability at the lowest possible cost to Ohio public entities of all sizes.

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The Public Employee Benefits Association of Ohio, PEBA, was born from the collaborative efforts of public employees, employers and the insurance industry. The primary goal is  to provide the most efficient, cost effective employee benefit solution  available for political subdivisions in Ohio.  PEBA is a non-profit entity that operates with the purpose of delivering the highest quality benefit programs and coverage stability at the lowest possible cost to both the Public Employees and Employers of all sizes. The PEBA benefits programs are designed to be compliant with the ever-changing Ohio and federal employee benefits landscape.


PEBA restores employer control of benefits levels, enhanced reporting and transparency for political subdivisions of all types. PEBA is able to achieve more meaningful efficiencies and cost savings than most entities can individually. By leveraging the economies of scale achieved through streamlined plan administration and management, PEBA is able to keep fixed costs to a minimum.  Through joining the Association, Member Employers can use the tenants of the Ohio Revised Code and Internal Revenue Code to their utmost potential!


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Prior to the formation of PEBA, most entities involved were covered by a standard product through a commercial carrier. Double-digit rate increases year after year have become the norm.  Reporting on what the premiums were used for was minimal at best.


The State of Ohio has legislation enabling government entities to become jointly self-insured.  With this tool, it was felt that to continue under a traditional fully-insured arrangement with commercial carriers was not fiscally responsible.


PEBA was organized to control costs, and to steward the use of managed care processes to stabilize costs over the long-term.

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